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Liam Yori is the Denim Disciple!

From the suburbs of Pennsylvania, Liam Yori is still a fairly small designer, yet has rapidly cemented his label’s identity, dasyori. 

Liam Yori in dasyori, 2021.

Encapsulating much of the suburb-feel, however, winking at the intricacies of dying fabrics, print-making and experimenting with materials, Yori is on the cusp of breaking through his suburban dome. 

Liam Yori - dasyori

His Circa77.Tif collection is available to view through a private Instagram account, whilst simultaneously available to buy on his website. 

It’s presentation is emblematic of the genie Yori perpetuates through his branding and beyond the research-based processes of trial and error.

One to watch, this young designer’s work can be previewed here or on his website, here


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