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to Be is an online and bi-annual platform exploring an emerging generation of creatives attributable to the coveted fashion, music, arts and cultural industries. We aim to represent both niche and renowned creative individuals in all aspects of the publication, focusing on the power of words, images, film and design. The magazine aims to consolidate the communities we endlessly scour the internet for, documented by those we adore.

With hybrid luxury, NFTs and bandcamp artists teetering in the peripherals of our visual and sonic consumption, we produce innovative content capturing the evolution of cultures and communities. The content is delivered via our social media platforms, our bi-annual print issues, our online news and our newsletters.

Our readers are the future leaders of the industries we cover. Our international partnerships reflect our commitment to esteemed brands and identities. Gen X and millennials alike govern a large proportion of consumer behaviour online; we aim to forecast, collate and deliver these trends via our platforms to spearhead our partnerships’ success.

Hector Clark for Issue 05

We offer tailored content creation bundles that enhance brand awareness and assist in driving sales. We endeavour to create engaging narrative-driven content that encapsulates the brand or company’s vision and philosophy. Depending on the package, the desired placements will be distributed and promoted both via digital and print formats to our 20–35 targeted audience demographic.


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SEE ISSUE #06 HERE. The theme for this issue, Revelations, delves into the unfiltered aspects of life. It’s an appreciation and exploration of raw beauty, where authenticity reigns supreme; the unconventional is not just accepted but celebrated. In a world of manufactured perfection, this issue chooses to validate our quirks and idiosyncrasies. After all, they are what make us inimitable.

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