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Joshua Gordon’s Latest Transformation

Joshua Gordon is an Irish artist currently in London. His extensive body of work spans film, photography, collage and sound. Last week, Gordon held an exhibition at The Residence Gallery in London to complement his latest self-published book, Transformationa manifestation of the last year of his life and a physical emblem to mark Gordon’s next phase.

Transformation is about introspection, “a transition from making work about other people…to making work about [himself],” he tells to Be in an interview for issue 02

Selling all of his belongings following a breakup and piling his life into a single suitcase, Gordon found himself on a three-month holiday in Mexico, “I wanted to leave my old life behind,” he says.

I was jumping from one breakdown to the next, myself and my ex had broken up and I had sold almost everything I owned including my prized super eight cameras, Polaroid film, darkroom, prints and contact sheets, ” Gordon writes in the introduction of Transformation

The nine self-portraits on display at his exhibition chop, change and morph Gordon into his latest genesis.

The book comes with original artwork, made using a two-colour screenprint on a thick aluminium panel, each artwork is individually engraved with a signature and number, out of one-hundred.

Each pack includes a forty-four-page hardcover book in A4, signed and numbered with a matte-laminated hardcover.

Along with the book, a catalogue of the exhibition images are included, as well as other unique specimens including ‘psychic’ stickers reminiscent of those you’d find “on an LA roadside lamppost,” he adds, bound in a custom dust-bag.

Purchase Transformation here.


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