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A Cinematic Scene inspired by the subconscious with Italian Artist: Sara Di Pancrazio

Explore the inner mechanics of Sara Di Pancrazio’s mind with a cinematic project informed by thoughts and projections of her desires, transcending into red and blue-lit dreamscapes exploring the taboo of the daemon.

Sara’s body of work navigates the notion of daemons portrayed as seductive, hypnotic figures. Her works are heavily inspired by visions of fantasy creatures that manifest into visual dream scenes reflecting the heavenly yet nightmarish subconscious.

Sara explores “The humanistic element of daemons that forever belong to us, a trait that sets humans apart from animals.”


Photography: Sara Di Pancrazio

Stylist: Laura Salerno

Models: Veronika Ijina, Cristina Farina, Sky Noelani, Aliya Hvenger, Justin Konings, Celine , Jamie 

to Be magazine


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