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Boy Harsher: Australia and New Zealand Tour

07 December 2022

2023 Australia and New Zealand Tour

Having played sold out shows in Berlin, London, Paris and LA, Boy Harsher’s visceral and intimate performances have captivated audiences around the globe. Continuing their stardom, the critically acclaimed experimental electronic duo will bring their murky and pulsating live show across Australia and New Zealand in February 2023.

Since 2014, the Massachusetts-based duo, comprising of vocalist Jae Matthews and producer Augustus Muller, have steadily released what some might call the gold standard of darkwave and new industrial music. Matthews and Muller met in Savannah, GA while both studying film. Influenced by Body-Horror and Surrealist cinema, the duo’s music subsequently reflected the genres’ haunting and dark visual and auditory tropes.

Throughout their career, this iconic gothic-inspired sound and aesthetic have established the duo as a pioneering force within the darkwave and new-industrial scenes. Their first EP, Lesser Man, was originally released on a small run of cassettes, but rapidly gained online traction and became an underground hit. Their 2016 LP Yr Body is Nothing and 2017 EP Country Girl, propelled them into extensive tours and sold out shows across the US and Europe where they became known for their reckless and enveloping live performances. Boy Harsher then rode this momentum into their highly acclaimed 2019 LP Careful. Most recently, the duo released a non-traditional album, titled The Runner, alongside a short horror film of the same title, written, produced and directed by the multi-faceted duo.

The duo will continue this successful career trajectory with their new Australia and New Zealand tour in February next year. Supported by darkwave innovator Buzz Kull, Boy Harsher will tour around Auckland, Wellington, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Visit wavyland.com.au for all ticket and event information.

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