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Bill Waters — Let Me Watch

30 May 2023

The expression "Let me watch" suggests being let in and witnessing something that you aren’t meant to. Bill Waters’ new single of the same name is a peaceful yet ferocious and funky trance—a meditation complete with sticky hooks and palpitating arpeggiators that build erotic tension.

On the conception of the song, Waters reflects: "I had just finished a long day of recording and was struggling to finish a rather heartfelt love song, so I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and started humming what would become the first verse of ‘Let Me Watch’. It felt like I was reaching out for some type of ‘pop relief’. I went back into the studio, sketched out the structure, and finished it the next day. Songs don’t always come out that easily, but when they do, it’s a pretty special feeling. I think when you’re making any type of art, you have a responsibility to act in the moment".

The accompanying music video features an evocative, tactile collection of almost-still lives that ooze and snap with movement, drawing inspiration from Andy Warhol's iconographic work. Some images are erotic, some are sterile. All are composed of isolated objects or body parts, removed from any sensual context. They’re inconsequential on their own, but underneath the pulsing beat and shown sweating, undulating, and throbbing, they take on a subliminal meaning.

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