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Translusid’s Repulsive Force releases TRANS006

Sarah Buckley

Translusid’s Repulsive Force releases TRANS006

The latest release from Tranlusid, TRANS006 by Repulsive Force, also known as Oprofessionell or Filip Storsveen, has set yet another precedent for the expedient trance revelation Ute Records and its subsidiary labels. 

The lengthy record, which was released on 8 November, 2021, has remixes from well acquainted label mates, Mikkel Rev, Ekkel, HLLW, Seo John, JEANS and Alan Backdrop

Ute Records is originally from Oslo, Norway and recently featured in to Be’s second issue titled ‘Times Are Changing’. 

The three DJs and label-founders sat down with Annabel Blue and Sarah Buckley to discuss the intricacies of its subsidiary labels, the beginnings of Ute Records and how the three founders, Marius Bo, Teo Bachs and Filip Storsveen have navigated all three labels whilst throwing forest raves in landscapes unbeknownst to those unacquainted with Norway’s utopia. 

Having put trance music back on the map with a dynamic eclectic of artists including Omformer, Rapid and Mikkel Rev, Translusid has epitomised an ambient and often intimate perspective of the genre. 

Repulsive Force has reinstated the underlying motto of Translusid and its all-encompassing artists, maintaining the authority and sophistication of its output, and once again, endorsing us to enjoy a new wave of trance music with a refreshing perspective. 

Listen to the record here, and subscribe to to Be’s latest issue interviewing the artist, Repulsive Force, and his label mates, here.

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