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RISING Returns to Melbourne with Golden Square, The Wilds, Patricia Piccinini and more

Annabel Blue

RISING Returns to Melbourne with Golden Square, The Wilds, Patricia Piccinini and  more

RISING festival returns to Melbourne this week with a surge of art, performance and ceremony. Commencing on the first night of winter, the festival will run from the 1st to the 12th June 2022. Enveloping the entire city, RISING will comprise of 225 events, including 22 commissions and 14 world premieres featuring 801 local and international artists.  

“In such tumultuous times, the privilege and necessity to gather, dance, sing and celebrate artistic expression is not lost on us,” said RISING Co-Artistic Directors, Hannah Fox and Gideon Obarzanek. “Melbourne is back and we’re over the moon.”



On night one and two, RISING presents The Wilds, a moonlit forest of stimulation. Situated in Sidney Myer Music Bowl, you’ll find large scale inflatable sculptures, towering projections and ethereal soundscapes in previously inaccessable areas of the iconic location. The bowl will also be transformed with an Ice-skating rink, with 80s and 90s hits for all of your nostalgic winter endeavours. Expect to see New York City-based Australian artists and creative technologists Tin & Ed and Filipino contemporary fine artist Leeroy New transform the area and water ballerinas, The Clams traverse the space. 1800 Lasagne DJs from Melbourne’s pasta palace will be present amongst many other delectable drinks and dining options on offer.


Returning to Melbourne’s Chinatown is GOLDEN SQUARE with installations exploring art, identity and spirituality overlapping across the car park from rooftop to basement. Rough concrete pillars, glowing pyramids, and a capitalist mega-church are the architecture of our multi-level exhibition of ritual, mythology and digital spirituality. Blackhearts and Sparrows will be serving up cocktails upon your entry. Expect artists: Jason Phu, Nabilah Nordin, James Nguyen and Vetsinia Tonga to perform for PARADE FOR THE MOON as well as Jenny Holzer, Paul Yore, Atong Atem and many more. 

WED 1—SUN 12 JUNE. Ticket & event info here.


Hidden for decades, Flinders Street Station’s mysterious ballroom opens its doors for Australia’s pre-eminent visual artist. Working on the border of art and science, Piccinini has spent close to three decades exploring humanity’s relationship to technology and the environment. A Miracle Constantly Repeated will augment the ballroom’s architecture with enormous dioramas, sentient saplings, nurturing marine mammals and enormous life-sustaining foliage. Entry is via door at 273 Flinders Street, near Boost Juice.

WED 1—SUN 12 JUNE 2022. Ticket & event info here

REWARDS FOR THE TRIBE Chunky Move and Restless Dance Theatre

Enjoy a night of art and dance with, CHUNKY MOVE and Restless Dance Theatre. In Rewards for the Tribe, two of the country's most influential and innovative dance companies, Chunky Move and Restless Dance Theatre, collaborate for the first time. Together they ask, "is there such a thing as utopia by design?"

TUE 31 MAY—SUN 5 JUNE. Ticket & event info here


For your chance to win tickets for you and a friend to: The Wilds, Golden Square and Patricia Piccinini, subscribe to to Be Magazine here. The first 5 subscriptions will win double passes to Golden Square, The Wilds, Patricia Piccinini or an event of your choosing. If you currently hold a subscription to the latest issues, we will roll your subscription on to the next issues: to Be Magazine 04 and 05. 

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