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To Be Magazine - Issue 02

To Be Magazine - Issue 02


Ed Templeton
words to Be
photography Ed Templeton

Erwin Wurm
words to Be

Chad Moore
words to Be
photography Chad Moore

Kembra Pfahler
words to Be
photography Chad Moore
styling Kembra

Sam Quealy
words Katie Brown
photography and creative direction Luka Booth
Styling Eline Hoyois

Joshua Gordon
words to Be
photography Joshua Gordon

Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard
words to Be

words to Be

Charlie Engman & Kathleen Engman
words to Be
photography Charlie Engman
talent Kathleen Engman

Kingsley Ifill
words to Be
photography Kingsley Ifill

Lauren Dunn
words to Be

Reko Rennie
words Mahmood Fazal

Cintra Wilson
words to Be

words to Be
photography Tim Saccenti

Moma PS5
words Annabel Blue
photography Velez Wilmoth

words Eartheater
photography Stephan Cotterell
styling Eartheater

words to Be
photography Al Gharib & Wissam Nasser 

ute records
words to Be

words Annabel Blue

words to Be
photography Joshua Hourigan
styling to Be

The Drunken Canal
words to Be
photography Lucas Creighton

words Lawrence English

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran
words Alexia Petsinis

words to Be

Shan Turner-Carroll
words Clementine Wilde

words Antoine Lavoisier

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This year has been equally tumultuous as it has been rewarding. Issue 02 of to Be brought with it triumphs and tribulations, yet despite the odds, there was beauty in it all.

The issue’s theme, Times Are Changing, is aptly named after the state of flux we find ourselves in. As time expands, so too do social mores, and in the face of such changes, it’s our dignity and convictions that hold us together. Moreover, it’s been a political wormhole as of late, with many having more time stuck indoors to be introspective rather than connecting meaningfully with each other. Despite these obstacles, there is a social renaissance impending and I hope we can all bear witness and find refuge in change. 

A friend recently said to me that “to Be is about an idea, it’s not about individuals,” and I thought it was quite fitting. Which led me to quote our contributor Aloiso Wilmoth: “It’s all about finding a shared struggle.” It is this collective energy that moves us toward connection, which is why we’re all here.

Many of our contributors had some interesting takes on how their lives and values have changed drastically over the decades, years and even the more recent months of the pandemic. From photographer Ed Templeton recounting skate culture from the ’80s and ’90s to now, to our cover star Sam Quealy speaking on change in creative industries and Aloiso Wilmoth discussing the rise of racial essentialism. The intricacies of all of these different worlds have managed to cultivate a diverse and affluent well of knowledge on cultural bedrocks of an international community. 

Additional highlights in this issue include Reko Rennie, Kembra Pfahler, Eartheater, Eugene Rabkin, Joshua Gordon, Cintra Wilson, Kingsley Ifill and our favourite New York sweetheart, Chad Moore.

Times and minds are always changing and the choices we make allow us to grow alongside the ebbs and flows of the moment. I hope this issue can be a timestamp for you to return to in years to come.

Thank you for reading.

Annabel Blue.

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SEE ISSUE #06 HERE. The theme for this issue, Revelations, delves into the unfiltered aspects of life. It’s an appreciation and exploration of raw beauty, where authenticity reigns supreme; the unconventional is not just accepted but celebrated. In a world of manufactured perfection, this issue chooses to validate our quirks and idiosyncrasies. After all, they are what make us inimitable.

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