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Never Coming to a Department Store Near You – Hirshleifer’s OCD 27

words T.
08 September 2022
Courtesy of OCD

Never Coming to a Department Store Near You – Hirshleifer’s OCD 27

Words By T.

As Gertrude Stein put it ever so eloquently, “whoever said that money cannot buy happiness simply did not where to go shopping.” If your jam is situated on the high end of the streetwear design spectrum and you find yourself in NYC, you might want to leave the confines of Manhattan and head to Long Island’s Manhasset to indulge in what the family-owned Hirshleifers store has evolved into after being in business for well over a century.

Having started out as a furrier in Brooklyn, Hirshleifers then transitioned into a boutique with its focus set firmly on catering to an almost exclusively female clientele. Over the last decade it has pivoted to become a curated high-end destination department store, with men’s fashion brands creating an ambient shopping experience that excites even the most seasoned Hypebeast.

Based on a ‘shop-in-shop’ concept, Hirshleifers has hosted customized installations from stalwarts Off-White and KITH. More recently, they have opened dedicated outposts and rolled out one-of-a-kind collaborative capsules without ever compromising their familial DNA.

When we heard that Hirshleifers branched out into launching its own brand OCD 27, we contacted Rob Sills, an owner and buyers for Hirshleifers, to learn more.  With attention to the finest detail, OCD 27 was originally a side project selling only hats. It then grew to jersey items and recently has offered an upcycling vintage gear system to proffer its own immaculately cut and sewn garments. As told by Sills, OCD 27 is a celebration of creativity and the legacy Hirshleifers has established in the fashion and retail industry. Coining the brand’s tag-line Never Coming to a Department Store Near You, Sills not only paid homage to the store but solidified the distinction between family-owned businesses and big box retailers. Centred around a foundation of fashion data and historical references, Sills sees OCD 27 as inextricably linked to Hirshleifers ethos and past.

With its first full-fledged collection slowly coming to fruition, OCD 27 and its eclecticism, materials, and innovative graphics, is one to definitely watch if you enjoy comfort and convenience without wanting to compromise on style.

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