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Emma Lewisham and Molly Goddard Collaborate at London Fashion Week

Rachel Weinberg
This London Fashion Week, luxury science-backed skincare brand Emma Lewisham, partnered with designer Molly Goddard for her SS24 show. to Be sat down with Emma to ask about the collaboration process and Goddard's skin-focused fashion show.

Emma, could you share your London Fashion Week experience and how it went for both you and your team?

Our experience at London Fashion Week has been extraordinary. It has been such an honour to collaborate with Molly Goddard; she is a visionary and a friend. To support her in bringing her vision to life has been an absolute privilege.

Can you tell us how and when the collaboration discussions with Molly began?

Our partnership progressed very naturally. Daisy Hoppen of DH PR, a mutual friend and PR representative, introduced Molly and I. Daisy has a wonderful eye for connecting people with shared passions and values, and over the past few months we have been in conversations about how this collaboration could work. It is wonderful to see them come together so beautifully.

What was the planning process like for you both? How do you determine the right amount of stock to bring, and what’s involved in assembling a suitable team?

Molly and I were very aligned on our approach. Together, we wanted to embrace a raw and bare-faced beauty look that celebrated skin and created a perfect canvas for the clothes to take centre stage. In terms of product, we ensured the skin artists had each of the products needed for the tailored Emma Lewisham routine: Illuminating Oil Cleanser to deeply clean and freshen skin, Skin Reset Serum to target uneven skin tone, Skin Reset Eye Crème to visibly brighten the eyes, Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème for a subtle healthy glow, and Supernatural Face Crème Riche for luminous, plump and hydrated skin.

How did you and Molly convey your vision to the makeup and styling team?

We explained that our vision was to show the power of embracing a skin-first, natural beauty look and the freedom and confidence that come with having healthy skin. Our tailored Emma Lewisham routine focused on stimulating blood flow and lifting the skin, leaving the models’ skin looking fresh and glowing, supporting them to feel confident.  

Molly’s collection focused on materiality, emphasising textiles, structure, design and technique. How did skincare seek to complement or enhance this?

Makeup adds another creative element to a look, so by removing it and simply embracing natural, healthy skin, it left our undivided attention to rest on the wonder of Molly’s creations, allowing them to exist raw and unrivalled.

What was the atmosphere like sitting front row at the show?

It was quite surreal. I felt honoured to be in the company of such incredible women, with ballerina Francesca Hayward on my right and Instagram’s head of fashion partnerships, Clara Cornet, on my left.

During fashion month, how significant is the role of skincare and self-care?

Skincare and self-care are often lower on the priority list during fashion month! When time is limited, a beautiful way to combine these is to turn your evening skincare routine into a self-care ritual. This can be as simple as applying your products more mindfully, incorporating some deep breaths, or soaking your face cloth in water that is infused with a drop of your favourite essential oil. Lavender is a beautiful choice for relaxation.

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