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EPØKHE Releases New Shade: ‘SUEDE’ in Collaboration with Evan Mock

Evan Mock is a multidiensional super-force hailing from the North Shore of Hawaii, and currently dwelling in New York City. From early on, Mock shared an affinity to surfing and then skateboarding, which led to his inevitable sponsorship and travel across the globe. He is now an American model, actor, and skateboarder and known globally for starring in the HBO Max series Gossip Girl and collaborating with artists Travis Scott.

His latest collaboration with EPØKE is activated by a video directed by Kai Neville, which navigates us through his world – from manifesting his life in New York to the gritty, dreamy reality of it.

“A frame built on exotic atmospheres – from balmy island beaches to downtown NYC grit. Evan has created a frame that evokes a lifestyle.”

The silhouette in focus prompts the soft flowing contours of waves creating a shape that captures 60s beatnik sub-style. Designed in 4 unique contemporary colorways that are distinct to Evans’s style and personality from sun-drenched days gliding into blurred evenings.

Suede is encrusted with Evan’s iconic starfish jewel positioned on each arm of the frame, made of the finest handmade materials.

A silhouette for all, from New York to Tokyo and beyond.

Evan Mock is donating 100% of his proceeds from every frame sold to The Dylan Rieder Foundation as a thank-you for the influence and contribution Dylan has had on us and the skateboarding community.

Find yours here.

‘SUEDE’ Online Now at
Director / Edit: @kaineville
DOP: @michaelcukr
Art Direction: @m.d.lyne
Stills: @kaineville
Sound composition & design @thompringle
Models: @amekianaa & @kennediireland


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