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Australian Artist and Designer Ajay Jennings Presents ‘Limbo’, a Capsule and Photo Essay

A St. Kilda 80s tragic Marli wonders the botanical gardens stuck in a liminal space somewhere between his beloved 80s rock days and the every changing day of 2022.

The words Exit, Enter, and Return adorn the t-shirts he was, as a sometimes counterintuitive, sometimes helpful reminder to exit the past and enter the now, and to thrust forward in making new memories.

Creative Director Ajay Jennings @ajayjennings

Photographer Sammy-Jo Waite @publictoylet

Styling Briar Griffiths-Kemp @briargriffithskemp

Hair & Makeup Moochi McConville @moochimade

Talent  Marli Maddison @mrli.mddsn


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