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Alasdair McLellan Captures Willem Dafoe, Shawn Powers and Dame Joan Collins in the CK1 x Palace Film

Calvin Klein and Palace have teamed up to bring you CK1 Palace, a new interpretation of the underwear brand’s signature scent. It’s clean, it’s refreshing and by all means youthful, featuring frosted mandarin, white sandalwood and lemon … sir.

“Calvin Klein and Palace … Who would have thought?” Dame Joan Collins points out in the video. The unlikely pair hasn’t just teamed up for the scent union, it has in fact transcended to the undergarments space, with boxer briefs as well as denim jackets, caps and more. With the duo’s fusion appearing somewhat mismatched and chaotic, they share a great synergy as their youthful energies combine.

This energy, to be sure, is embodied in the short film to accompany the release. The film titled A Tale of Two Cities is directed by none other than photographer and director Alasdair McLellan, (who is also featured in our forthcoming issue, coming out April 29th). The scenes from the video capture similarities between London and New York, yet snapshot the nuances that make each metropolis unique.

Featuring some well-loved and familiar faces including Willem Dafoe, Palace skater Shawn Powers, Precious Lee and Dame Joan Collins (among many more), the talents traverse the iconic streets, from the east end to the west end as the Pet Shop Boys song West End Girls accurately guides us through each of the scenes.

Full of unexpected turns, the short film takes us from the 90s cinematic to the nostalgic sets of 90s Calvin Klein studios, six-packs and all. Expect to see Willem Dafoe playing a pizza guy or charismatic taxi driver, reminiscent of Winona Ryder in Jim Jarmusch’s Night on Earth (1991) as he drives Palace skateboarder Shawn Powers in the back seat. Or picture Hollywood starlet Dame Joan Collins having afternoon tea with Palace founder Lev Tanju amongst pro boarders Savannah Keenan and Rory Milanes.

That’s all from me … See for yourself. View the short film here.

Images courtesy of Calvin Klein

Words by Annabel Blue


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