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Valentino Fall 2022 is Pretty in Pink

For fall/winter 2022, Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Valentino is pretty in pink. As soon as the set for Valentino’s Fall 2022 show comes into frame, it is clear that Piccioli’s signature use of colour blocking would be making an appearance. However, we didn’t know that it’d be in an entirely monochromatic shade of bubblegum pink unveiled unto a bubblegum pink swathed showroom at the Le Carreau du Temple in Paris.

The creative director said he’d chosen monochrome hues to remove distractions and allow the viewer’s eye to focus on the details for his 81 piece collection filled with both menswear and womenswear. Embracing a less is more concept; the collection’s use of pink maximises the expressive possibilities where details stand their ground. The visual shock of this singular colour draws our eyes to the shapes– voluminous silhouettes are sculpted by textured layering, highlighting the garment’s movement and draping.

Jumpsuits featured loosely structured necklines, sheer organza shirts adorned with puffed sleeves and tucked into low-rise trousers, and double-breasted suits were given a slouchy finishing touch.

The Valentino Pink PP collection seeks to subvert the cultural meanings associated with being girly or punk. “Pink as a manifestation of the unconscious and a liberation from the need for realism.” The press release reads. “The accumulation of pink elements is such as to eliminate the visual shock to bring out, together, the unique character of the person, expressed by the face and the eyes, and the work on the pieces of clothing: the signs that shape them into a silhouette, the textures that give them consistency, the decorations that are part of the construction.”

Oversized garments continue to hold out in 2022 with relaxed-fit trousers and hooded floor-length puffer jackets. Embracing the utilitarian look emphasised the comfort of this collection, where Valentino’s traditionally formal silhouettes were reimagined for a more rebellious interpretation and fit. Valentino’s Fall 2022 collection continues the couture-ification of everyday dress, adapted for ready-to-wear. Sporty jumpsuits transformed into formalwear and cargo suits are imbued with a chic hourglass shape.

The pink carried on for 40 silhouettes, from bubble dresses to long opera coats and tailored suits. Just as the pink began to feel exhaustive, it was switched to a mean black palette, a shadowy contrast to the sugary sweet. It then returned for a hot pink grande finale of ostrich feathers, capes and embroidery.

Piccioli’s custom shade of pink will be added to Pantone’s official colour scale under the name of “Pink PP” – a happy counterpart to Valentino Garavani’s “Valentino Red”. The Italian house is now all set for a total pink-out.


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