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APOC Store. We Want It All.

APOC champions a business model that supports small-scale and emerging designers, rebelling against an industry that typically demands young creatives to burn the midnight oil whilst meeting crippling minimum order requirements. Here, designers are given a platform to connect with their customer base directly. 

Launched by Ying Suen and Jules Volleberg in 2020, the pandemic did not inhibit APOC’s influence. With an inventory of almost 150 artists and designers, APOC celebrates a range of different styles and aesthetics. 

PETER DONGHUN HAN Beige Holed Sweater

Each one is more unique than the next and the diverse range of various aesthetics, products and styles is almost dizzying. But if we had to name a few, HVML, Fior Di Latte and Vincent Olinet are ones to indulge.

The next iteration of APOC’s journey was realised in April this year when they launched APOC Collaboration. The initiative brings together its existing designers and artists to create, “unique and exclusive” products, according to the store. 

CORMIO Louise Longsleeve Black

Moreover, APOC focuses on sourcing progressive and ‘consciously’ created designs internationally.   

It is clear that their key modus operandi is to destabilise a culture of fast fashion and conspicuous consumption, that not only restrict emerging creatives but also contributes to the current climate crisis. 

APOC has commercialised the notion of wearable art whilst creating an online marketplace that unifies designers and artists from around the world. Perhaps it is more emblematic of a mindset, rather than merely a store.

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