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Maara’s ‘Potion Activated’ is Seductive Sonic Satisfaction

DJ and producer, Maara, is set to release a five-track EP on record label, Isla, titled ‘Potion Activated’ on 3 September 2021. The recently debuted techno producer has made a significant mark, with her second release positively “pulsating,” according to Isla’s Bandcamp blurb.

The artist’s first release titled ‘Ultimate Reward’ was initially released on record label, NAFF, and was Maara’s debut in January 2021. 

Maara is sure to gain traction with her consistent and timelessly fervent style, intertwining stylistic collaborator, D Tiffany, on tracks ‘Do U Feel Me?’ and ‘Potion Activated’. 

If one can’t make the assumption from the artwork, or its apt title ‘Potion Activated’, the release is sure to deliver its “dark and sexy” ambiance sonically. 

“Give in to the temptation of The Forbidden Plum. Take a bite and let the juice drip. Your journey begins with a hypnotic seduction, stoking the flames of desire as the voice in your head whispers. Want it so badly.”

And we do. 

Listen to it here or pre-order it here.


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