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Ben Bondy’s New Record ‘Glans Intercum’—The Material and Immaterial Space

West Mineral golden child, Ben Bondy, has just released another rather arousing eight-track album, Glans Intercum (2021).

Bondy has developed a sort of cult following from ambient and techno heads across the globe. 

As a part of Berlin-based record label West Mineral Ltd., Bondy has been delivering standout after standout releases. Last year, Bondy brought forth his album Sibling on label Experiences Ltd, a notable release of the year for most ambient and electronic aficionados.   

Glans Intercum offers another side to the multifaceted powerhouse that is Ben Bondy. Dripping into a sort of dubby drone territory, the string of songs features a spoken stream of consciousness voice-over by Andrea Stella, luring us into what feels like the space between a consciousness and sleep state. 

As Bondy said himself, “This record became a world for me to place my rage, my grief and my confusion. A connection between the material and immaterial spaces I inhabit every day. Salted dressings for wounds.”

A review on Boomkat poignantly noted—“Club or bedroom, this one’s for the dreamers.” 

Take a listen for yourself and purchase on digi and vinyl here

Art by Solo Viola 

Tracks 3 & 6 feature Andrea Stella 

Mastered by Rashad Becker


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