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Yves Tumor’s New EP ‘The Asymptotical World’ Is Here

Released via Warp Records, Yves Tumor has released a six-track EP, The Asymptotical World

Featuring their hit single Jackie, the record features all the sounds we know and love them for, and more. 

Co-produced and engineered by Tumor’s long-term collaborator, Yves Rothman, the EP offers an extension to Tumor’s iconic rock sound, which we heard in their 2020 record, Heaven to a Tortured Mind. 

7″ Vinyl Boxset

Since their 2018 record Safe in the Hands of Love, Tumor has shapeshifted with almost every release, morphing into fearless versions of themself upon each turn… We can’t wait to see what’s next to come. 

Until then, listen to Tumor’s EP here.


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