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Demna Gives Back to Balenciaga!

Demna Gvasalia has always been a great source of inspiration for the many young and now alternative (slightly talentless) ‘streetwear’ upcomers we don’t see. Anymore. Ever. Because Vetements started in 2014 with Demna and then Lotta came on board and etc, etc. The rest is history. People just haven’t done it as well, and if so, we’re all eager to see them take the stand. 

Balenciaga Fall 2021 Couture Collection, Look 12.

Demna is here to stay, invariably. In 2021, Balenciaga has culminated Demna’s most daunting challenge in this streetwear-meets-luxury dance—couture. Spearheading an inimitable display of modern and traditional intersection, Demna certainly hit the nail on the head. Again. And no one will stop talking about it. And perhaps, neither will I. The most honourable ode to Cristóbal Balenciaga’s 53-year-vacant and somewhat haunted-house, 10 Avenue Georges V—Demna christened it, sent it to hell (in a good kind of way) and wrung it out to dry. 

Balenciaga Fall 2021 Couture Collection, Look 19.

If there was a Parisian equivalent for a clothing-church—a church’s clothing—this was in equal force something noble—like a gauntlet—The little black lamb approached in heavy artillery. Black, denim and pants doubling as dresses. We loved it! ‘Hoorah!’ The Vogue’s and chihuahuas scream. But it was a little more than just that and here is why. 

Balenciaga Fall 2021 Couture Collection, Look 24.

The genius lay in many aspects of the show, most notably the contrast of its nod to traditional Parisian couture’s heritage and what might have been a shocking sight to even Cristóbal Balenciaga. The backs of dresses—pants, a puffer, a modern take on the smouldering-yet-polite, petite, Parisian person—dangly and gaunt, bobbing down a silent, white aisle. 

Balenciaga Fall 2021 Couture Collection, Look 33.

Demna Gvasalia plays interchangeably with concepts of the hateable and loveable parts of traditional Parisian fashion, and contorts them to curious displays of considered chaos. What might have been a gasp of awe from self-important ‘journalists’, was once hatred when these self-described ‘black lambs’ (for now love, love, loving Demna) hated him for the very fact of once being sheep, curiously in recent times: Vetements debut in 2014. 

Balenciaga Fall 2021 Couture Collection, Look 3.

Balenciaga Fall 2021 Couture Collection, Look 53.

Fast-forward to 2021, and Demna Gvasalia is a genius. A genius to the extent of moulding the trend of the ‘style’ of model Balenciaga sponsors. Moulding a, somehow, gentle slot in modern fashion, but always assigned with a pedigree of controversialism. He’s a hard line in the sand. And without an ounce of surprise, this collection—as unanimous as one can be with Vogue—is pretty much perfect. And keep in mind, it’s couture. Ha ha. 

Bravo Demna. 

Balenciaga Fall 2021 Couture Collection, Look 9.



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