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Rick Owens’ Menswear SS22 Fogachine Show

Ahh.. Finally a FW show that didn’t disappoint. Rick Owens dug lines in the sand this season with his iconic platformed boots and reflective laser beam sunglasses – made especially for all you sun-blinded beach goths. 

Emerging from the water through a vapour trail, Rick’s missionaries blue steeled their way along the foreshores of Venezia Lido Beach, directly in front of the Excelsior Hotel where sundrenched Italiana vacationers on-looked.  

Beyond the shoreline four powerful water jets laid planted, spurting joyful blasts of seawater into the clear blue sky: “Ejaculation… is Joy” Rick affirmed in an interview

Aptly named “Fogachine”, Rick exclaims “I fixated on the whole fog thing because we are entering a period of celebration. And I just love fog in its ambiguity. It’s got religious overtones, it’s got amyl nitrate overtones, it’s got stadium rock concert overtones…and they’re all these celebrations of everybody getting together to reach a different level of experience, a different supernatural level.”

Complemented by Mochipet’s techno composizione (everything sounds better in Italian), Tyrone, Ricks’ muse opened the show setting the humanistic hedonic undertone. Chest bearing, figure hugging summer knits, and eco-cotton bodysuits paraded the foreshore rounded of with thick metal choker chains — submissive. Deeper into the collection was more japanese denim – this time 16 oz, a cock feather jacket made by Maison Fevrer, and boxy baggy pants hued in off white – an interesting colour palette for Rick. 

Overall, a stunning SS22 menswear show, we loved.

Images via Vogue Runway.


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