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Di Petsa’s Pre-Collection “Self Birth Chapter III” Bringing Bodily Fluid to London Fashion Week.

London/Athens-based label Di Petsa has been a highlight of LFW so far with her SS22 pre-collection “Self Birth Chapter III”. Taking over London store 50m, the designer staged an immersive installation, complemented by a pop-up shop for customers to invest in her iconic mesh Wetness pieces, as well as personal consultations with her immersive custom Bridal collection.


As with a lot of Di Petsas wody of work, the ocean, moon and the body are inherently intertwined throughout her garments. In “Self Birth Chapter III”, Di Petsa looks deeply into the moon and tides, in particular our outward connection to water, with a poetic text speaking to each look:

“Tears glow on your skin, like the skin of the sea”

“Your face is the moon and your body is its reflection. It is the silver imprint of selenic glow on our collective bodily matter, the dark, turbulent, endless sea.”

This pre-collection featured signature recycled mesh styles as well as many new prints and silhouettes printed with Venus Shell Body Print. You’ll also see exclusive colorways in the Nymph and Milk Bikini set, as well as blue, gold and black swimwear. Oh, and a Di Petsa beach towel too!

Taking her connection to the label deeper, Di Petsa also hosts Wetness Full Moon Rituals – “Exploring the relationship between woman and water, and woman and their Bodily fluids, water filtered through our bodies, bodily water. Holy Water, Sea Water. The way that we treat our bodily waters, is very telling to the way that we mis(use) and relate to the oceans at large. Everything is connected from the microcosmos to the macro cosmos. DI PETSA explores the fluid expressions of the female experience and the multiple ways in which the female identity, vulnerability and emotional expressions of wetness are constantly sanitised.”

Self indulge in your Wetness

let go of the shame of Bodily Fluids

We will exercise healing through performance, movement practices and poetry readings. 

We invite you to come into this experience with a focus on intimacy, healing, vulnerability and fluidity.




And all your Holy Bodily Waters are welcome.

Wellness Full Moon Ritual, Di Petsa

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