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Woman of the World: Sam Quealy and Her New Cyber-Erotic Single, ‘Sad Summer Daze.’

Our Australian Gem Samantha Quealy recently broke the internet with her debut cyber-erotic single and music video for ‘Sad Summer Daze’ an emotionally charged philosophically bound track produced by Marlon Magnée of La Femme


For those not yet acquainted, Quealy is a woman of no limits. She’s a singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, model and above all – performance artist. Starting off at just three years old as a dancer, she says “I would go with my sisters to their dance classes and I couldn’t stop myself from moving even as a toddler… so my mum allowed me to begin taking the classes.” 

She then launched her career as a professional dancer after graduating in Sydney from one of the best performing arts schools in Australia. Traversing her way across the globe, Quealy worked across Hong Kong, the Philippines, USA and eventually Paris, where she has resided for the last 3 years. She tells us, “I worked, mainly in French cabarets and danced in cruise ships and in different types of venues – you name it, I did it!” 

Feeling both pressured and bored by the level of perfection expected from a professional dancer, especially when it came to body and image, she says “I didn’t want to grow into an archetype of a woman who depends on her looks, weight and age in order to exist as an artist. I chose the freedom of exploring different styles of dance as I became older…” Once in Paris, Quealy got accepted into her Vogue house, Comme des Garçons – the Paris chapter – where she started doing drag performances, a perfect space to have her talents elevated.

Her new debut single ‘Sad Summer Daze’ is a perfect symbol of shifting away from expectational constructs; a celebration of all of Quealy’s talents combined – and the embodiment of an exciting musical pursuit, one that has been in the works for over 3 years. 

It wasn’t until the Paris lockdown that she began putting all of her efforts into her music, “I worked with my collaborative partner Marlon Magnée on music for almost the whole duration of the lockdown. We explored different techniques until we got the sound we wanted. He really pushed me in the right direction and forced me to practice my piano and singing – which I’m very grateful for now.”

The video for Sad Summer Daze was shot in a large virtual production studio – MADO XR, directed by Aymeric Bergada du Cadet and art directed by Olivier Zahm in collaboration with Purple Fashion Magazine. For the film, Quealy and her team designed different types of “universes” within the space, bringing the concept to life, “I moved throughout each universe in a dancing style I choreographed as a half-human half robot, half in love, half trying not to care!” she laughs.

When asked about the subjective content of her music, Quealy tells us:

“Sad Summer Daze is inspired by a love that can’t last forever. The circumstances are not right, the stars do not align and that doesn’t take anything away from the beauty of what you shared together – but deep down, you are aware of the short-lived nature of this chapter, and must continue on your own path.” 

Some great creative advice from Quealy was to expect the unexpected, “…believe in yourself and BE yourself. It sounds so cliche but this is the biggest advice I could give to anyone. Never compare yourself to others, focus on yourself and your path – don’t care what other people think.” 

Quealy goes on to discuss her desires for change in the creative industry, with hopes to see “more opportunity for queer, PoC and female artists. Less ablism and less ageism!” We went on to talk about the struggles within creative spheres, particularly when on stage where “there has always been an enormous amount of judgement over appearance” she admits, “This sounds strange coming from a girl who looks and sounds the way I do, and I am grateful for the many blessings and privileges I have, but as I said earlier – I did also struggle and I suffered from being judged on my appearance, I can only imagine how hard it is for other creatives.” 

We have this unrealistic phenomenon or expectation in society of needing to be high achievers before we hit adulthood, “I’m sick of this idea of needing to be signed at 14 then your career is dead by the time you’re 30, or if you reach a certain size your ‘fat on stage’ etc, like come on!” But remaining positive, she exclaims “I am trying to be the change I want to see in the world. For example, I included as many talented people as I could in making my music and videos regardless of their backgrounds, cv or hype. I am looking forward to creating more art in an open and inclusive way and I am always open to new ideas and collaborations!”

Stream Sad Summer Daze on all streaming platforms, and enjoy this masterpiece of a video clip! 

Director: @aymericbergadaducadet bergadaducadet
Art directior: @olivierzahm
Hair: @kevinjacotot
Makeup : @dynadagger
Stylist : @vanilleverloes
Clothes: All @purplefashionmagazine spring summer collection with @zara
3D Logo: @ginawagstaffe
Nail artist: @sinyisissy
Production: Raphaele Godin/ Purple institute
Cinematographer : Hugo Valentine
Video edit: @lauradiaz
Mix by : @boogievice
Mastered by : @chabmastering
Set designer: Laura Pham Van Cang
Steady cam/camera/Camera Assistant: Noe Pradel- fraysee/ Francois Billion Lighting by: Romain Belloche
Colour grading: Ulysee Gaillot
XR Production and studio MADO XR Post-production Royalpost Technical Partner PRG/ ARRI/TSF/ NVIDIA/PNY
Purple spring-summer collection with Zara


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