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Musician Hugo Costin on His New Single ‘Summer Crowned’ and Forthcoming Album ‘If You Leave’. 

Today marks the release of Hugo Costin‘s new single ‘Summer Crowned’, a tender song about “melting with someone like the summer melts the snow and feeling crowned in the honour of their embrace.” We also discussed the making of his forthcoming album “If You Leave,” and collaborating with esteemed musicians from the far north coast of Australia. 


Hey Hugo! It looks like you’ve been busy lately, what’ve you been working on?

Hey! I’ve been working on putting the finishing touches on my second album called “If You Leave”. I’m super proud of this album, it’s a full-band record with drums, strings, electric guitar, and bass – something I’ve been wanting to put together for a long time. 

Congratulations on your new Single ‘Summer Crowned’, can you tell me about the making of this one?

Thank you. Summer Crowned was recorded by Chris Brownbill at Underground Audio in Brisbane late last year. It features Keeley Young on backing vocals and Emma Hales on Cello. Sonically, I wanted it to sound like a musical equivalent of “everything was beautiful and nothing hurt”, with a lush arrangement. The song is about melting with someone like the summer melts the snow and feeling crowned in the honour of their embrace. 

I see you’ve been recording with a team of musicians lately – can you tell me a little about your collaborations?

“Summer Crowned” and my forthcoming record were recorded in the same sessions and the finger prints of Chris Brownbill, Emma Hales, Keeley Young, and Ben Smith are across both works. I want my work to be as cinematic as possible across the music and lyrics and I’m grateful to these talented people for bringing it to life. Emma plays cello incredibly, Keeley has a solo project called Claude and played in Requin, and Ben plays in Shackles, Nerve Damage, and Blindgirls. 

What inspires your lyrics & writing?


How important is keeping a PMA to you?

I want to achieve great things and wallowing takes time that I don’t have. In that way it’s important to me. 

What literature have you been getting into lately?

I’m reading Confessions of a Mask by Yukio Mishima, a story of being raised during Japan’s era of right-wing militarism and Imperialism, the main protagonist struggles from a very early age to fit into society. I’m also reading Select Works by Stéphane Mallarmé at the moment, he was a major French symbolist poet. I love visual writers so much, to be transported. It’s what I aim for in music, to steal you to another world on a melody. Ever since I was young I always wanted to escape. 

What records are you listening to at the moment?

“Darkness on the Edge of Town” by Bruce Springsteen, “Chemtrails Over the Country Club” by Lana Del Rey, “She Hangs Brightly” by Mazzy Star, “Voyager” by Current Joys, and the single “Die Young” by Jesse Jo Stark have all been on repeat lately.

What is most important to you?

To stay alive long enough to become immortal then die. 

What is a quote or philosophy you live by?

Hearing Nat King Cole sing “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” has never left me.

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Image by: Rosa Spring Voss

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