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Introducing Dirty Versachi’s Electric Debut Single ‘Sticky Fingers’ – A Unique Addition to Australian Pop

“passionate, empowering and a whole lot of fun… in every way” – Pilerats

to Be spoke with Naarm based producer, vocalist and drag queen Dirty Versachi on their new musical endeavours and electrifying debut single ‘Sticky Fingers’ – premiered by Pilerats last week! We also discussed their involvement in Fem Fantasy, a project focused on centring fem energy and diverse artists in Naarm as well as Midsumma Festival, and Melbourne Fringe, pure celebrations of queer community through arts and cultural events, of which DV played key roles in.

Sticky Fingers  is a brilliant amalgamation of 90s house mixed with euphoric pop, an exploration of the queer experience and a celebration of the freedom of expression through drag – “Dirty Versachi is a new project which explores my drag persona; I wanted to explore the feeling of finding a lover on a dance floor while also not being able to go out to a nightclub and dance [through lockdown]” they say.

Dirty Versachi is the embodiment of the future of Australian pop and a force to be reckoned with.

Dive in and enjoy.

Photo credit: Stephanie Bailly

Hey Dirty Versachi! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a music producer and vocalist who has been making music for 12 years, and Dirty Versachi is a new project which explores my drag persona. I perceive Dirty Versachi to be an alien creature who has landed on earth and is trying to assimilate. This is the vice I use to explore my own feelings of feeling “different” and isolated as a queer person.

Congratulations on your debut single ‘Sticky Fingers’ – Can you talk us through the making of it?
I wrote ‘Sticky Fingers’ last year in the middle of lockdown – it’s quite ironic that when I released it last week Melbourne went into lockdown again. When I wrote it initially, I wanted to explore the feeling of finding a lover on a dance floor while also not being able to go out to a nightclub and dance. Dancing for me is a way of letting everything go. I zoned into this narrative through the lens of not being able to go and do that.

I’m interested in allowing platforms for queer and other marginalised artists to shine their beautiful art through.” – DV

What else have you been working on lately?

I’ve been working a lot on my visuals and imagery, as I curate all of the images on my Instagram to further explore the Dirty Versachi aesthetic. I’ve also been working on a lot of songs with the second Dirty Versachi single currently being finalised! Yay!!

What got you started in making music?
I first started making music 12 years ago by uploading covers on YouTube and creating little videos. It was a beautiful process of creating a high volume of content without necessarily needing each song to be perfect. Through this process I learnt a lot about producing music – I still take this approach now with writing songs. I try to write very regularly without judgement and then little gems pop out as possible singles.

How did you get into Drag and what is your favourite part of it?

In January last year, I co-curated a show called Fem Fantasy with Fringe Festival and Midsumma. As part of the event, we photographed every single artist on the lineup ourselves which inherently gave us a chance to really get to know all of the performers. Melbourne / German drag queen, Uff was one of them.

I’d had the idea of doing drag for this event to celebrate Midsumma as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I’d always been stuck on how to actually do it. I shared this with Uff and they did my very first dragformation (in under 2 hours!!!). That was a very special moment for me and I feel like it truly unlocked a part of myself that I didn’t know existed. That was also the time that I began to come to terms with myself as a non-binary person. I’m so grateful and inspired by Uff who became my drag mum, giving me guidance over lockdown on how to take the next steps to learn how to do my makeup and to further explore who Dirty Versachi is.  

Photo credit: Stephanie Bailly

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt?

To take it easy and that at the end of the day trading art is really fun and I do it because I love it. I always try to keep this in mind when I get stressed out. Creating art truly is a privilege and a blessing. 

What is one thing that keeps you centred?

I have a daily meditation practice which really helps me. That and when I write songs it definitely feels like I get to escape into another little world for a bit. Writing music also feels like meditating.

Are you afraid of anything?

I’m afraid that aliens are gonna find where I’ve landed and take over this cool earth. Just kidding haha 👽

Is there anything you would change about the creative industry and if so, what?

Most definitely! When I started making music I felt that it was really an uphill battle being a queer artist. I felt that I had to carve out my own opportunities and that the industry was stacked against me, as they couldn’t understand where I would fit in the market.

I’m interested in changing that and allowing platforms for queer and other marginalised artists to shine their beautiful art through.

Photo credit: Stephanie Bailly

Stream Dirty Versachi’s debut single ‘Sticky Fingers’ on Spotify or watch the video via YouTube.

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