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“Nothing Could Be More Punk” – Rough Trade records keeping Vinyl thriving in NYC

This Tuesday Rough Trade records is set to reopen their New York sore in a location few vinyl heads would have guessed – 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The move comes with a symbolic message that  Vinyl is well and truly alive and thriving, and analog is still the preferred format, of course.

While some critics have noted the move of the infamous and once underground record store as a sell-out, Stephen Godfroy the co-oner of the company accurately stated: “nothing could be more punk (and on-brand) than shaking off the Williamsburg/Brooklyn record-store Stereotype” – coming into a spot where Rough Trade has to win over an entirely new audience.

Rough Trade still believes tangible pieces of culture provide “multisensory stimulation, presence, and value that has no equal substitute.” That belief becomes even more distinctive (and potentially attractive) in Midtown, a zone “crying out for disruptive, provocative change,” Godfroy said.

Get down to 30 Rockafeller if you’re in the Big Apple!


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