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Transformative Podcasts and Resources for Educating & Healing

May is the month of mental health, so we’re exploring avenues that help to heal and transform. We’ve selected pods and web platforms navigating the confines of the human mind that can be used as tools for unlearning and relearning dehumanising and alienating social and capitalist constructs; navigating to the journey to emotional and psychological wellbeing, understanding and freedom.

Here we go…

Red Scare. 

Image: Amanda Hakan via The Cut

“A podcast that offers a critique of feminism, and capitalism, from deep inside the culture they’ve spawned.” – The Cut

Red Scare is a podcast run by hosts Dasha Nekrasova, Anna Khachiyan, and their producer Meg Murnane, exploring and critiquing the parameters and intricacies of feminism, capitalism and the complexities surrounding our obsession with popular culture. Dasha and Anna aren’t afraid to delve deep into the whos, whys and whats; challenging and discoursing all-sided perspectives on socio-political views that shape our globalised and digitised world.

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Making the Body a Home. 

Founder, Jacquelyn Ogorchukwu Lyamah

A perfect resource for Mental Health Awareness Month. Making the Body a Home is a website and platform dedicated to making positive change through love and respect, with healing and learning at the core. Run by the talented Jacquelyn Ogorchukwu Iyamah, this resource offers a platform for all those willing to unlearn and heal from racial conditioning and trauma. Many of the ideas, beliefs and behaviours we are taught come from a colonialist worldview; Making the Body a Home delves into the core of racism and the impacts it has within Indigenous and PoC communities across the globe. This resource has been monumental in helping to unpack white supremacy for white folx and the damaging consequences of internalised racism for Indigenous and PoC communities.

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Dharma Punx NYC.

Lecturer & Teacher, Josh Korda

Dharma Punx NYC is a secular Buddhist community led by guiding teacher Josh Korda. With classical psychology coupled with Buddhist teachings, Korda navigates the duplicitous nature of the mind and the ways in which we can understand and work through trauma and maladaptive psychological patterns, into a space of ego-transcendence, emotional well-being and unadulterated psychological and emotional freedom.

Some titles include Chronic Stress: Causes and Relief; Moving on, letting go and getting over it; Setting Skillful boundaries; Peak Experiences, Ego Transcendence and Self-Actualisation; Addressing the Fear of Social Rejection – among many more. 

Listen here.

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