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Byron-Bay-based via Sydney and New York, Lucas Geor will be gracing the streets of Melbourne will his solo exhibition, Hey, my threads, baby! at Brunswick Street Gallery, from Thursday, May 13 through till Friday, May 30.

Following a sell-out solo show in Byron Bay last August, Geor now extends his cheeky and recognisable style of pop culture motifs, often re-imagined through acrylics and spray-paint, to his latest series of paintings, Hey, my threads, baby! With the works exclusively available to view at Brunswick Street Gallery, explore the transpiring history of bootlegging from its origins in the 1800s with moonshine liquor to its eventual embrace by popular culture, seen in knockoff Gucci suits created by Dapper Dan in Harlem, and the distorted illustrations of beloved Disney characters on Japan’s Menko cards.

Lucas Geor with works 

Hey, my threads, baby! Explores ideas and visuals found within cartoons, fashion and advertising, as a collection of exuberant and poppy paintings that reimagine popular images. Geor’s works question the idea of originality, and the notion of everything being a bootlegged copy of something else, begging the question of whether all artists are in fact bootleggers, reinterpreting inspiration in a new and unique context.

“I have always been more interested in painting things as I would like to see them rather than how they actually are,” Lucas says. “Exploring the theme of bootlegging allows for constant inspiration to further indulge this interest.”

“A Sydney native, after completing his Bachelor of Fine Art at COFA, UNSW, Lucas Geor moved to New York City. His impactful brushstrokes and arbitrary use of colour started to recount the bold lines of the ‘wild style’ of New York subway graffiti artists, and the abstracted perspectives of Master Cubists like Picasso. His influences are defined by a diverse range of artistic mediums, from the avant-garde, to vintage signwriting, advertising and animation. The result is paintings of fine detail, twisted by Geor’s tongue-in-cheek humour and knack for stepping outside convention for a subtle commentary on his surrounding environment. While currently based in Byron Bay, Geor will be presenting his latest exhibition in Melbourne. He has held solo & group exhibitions across Sydney, NYC, Detroit, and Byron Bay, and was a 2019 finalist in the Fisher’s Ghost Art Awards at Campbelltown Arts Centre.”

See Lucas Geor’s latest body of works at Brunswick Street Gallery this May!

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